This might seem repetitive, but make sure everything matches Item 11 in your FDD. Make sure that you, at a minimum, provide the hours that you promised in your FDD. Your training program is an investment, not a cost. Training is a very tangible experience, and you’re probably going to spend more hours with your franchisee in training than you’ll ever spend with them again. This is perhaps your best and last opportunity to set the course for their future. If you have a franchisee that fails, one of their claims in the lawsuit is almost always that you didn’t train them well enough, if at all.

Depending on your model and opportunity, you might be offering training in-person at a corporate location, on site at the franchisee’s location, virtually, or a combination of these. Even if a franchise model does not require brick and mortar, it’s recommended to still spend some in-person time together to create a strong bond between the franchisor and the franchisee(s). Renting a room to be able to host the franchisee for in-person training is always an option if the franchise model is a work from home business.

Many franchisors also develop and/or offer training for a franchisee’s employees. How you set this up is up to you and will be laid out in your FDD, but it is something to consider. There are companies and programs available that will allow you to create and edit training modules, including tests/quizzes, monitoring, and interactive programing. To learn more about some of these services, reach out to Client Relations.

Best Practice

In addition to being brand ambassadors, take the time to train your franchisees to be good businesspeople. Unless you are targeting large corporations looking to add a brand to their portfolio, you might want to include concept training and business training.

Franchisees are paying you to show them how to be successful. The beauty of franchising is that they’re not by themselves, and you can show them the things that work. So consistently monitor your training, and if you build a world-class training program, your franchisees will have a better chance of success.