Through a DocuSign template link, you will email the prospective franchisee, and we will gather all pertinent information needed to prepare the franchise agreement. We recommend the prospect fill out the questionnaire him/herself, rather than the salesperson they are working with, to ensure accurate information is presented. This is important if there are any claims of misrepresentation filed later.

When you’re ready, reach out to Client Relations; we’ll share with you a link to send to the prospect. It’s that easy!

Disclosing and Awarding Process

  1. We will provide you a link to send the prospect.
  2. You will get copies of every receipt and the completed datasheets.
  3. For any prospect that you wish to award a franchise, submit the datasheet, and inform us that you wish to have a prepared franchise agreement. Make sure you include the datasheet and any negotiated terms all in one email.