Once your franchise documents have been drafted, approved and you’ve launched your franchise opportunity. You will be sent an email from your legal team with two template emails that can be used to be sent to a franchise candidate at the FDD and Agreement stages. Within the email you will be given your own personalized Map Link. This link will pull users to a map of the United States, showing states green and red – representing the states you are available within. Once a state is selected this will bring the user, or your candidate, to their state specific FDD to review and sign the FDD Receipt. You will be notified by email, through DocuSign, that this link was accessed and a second time once the receipt was signed.

When a candidate has signed the FDD Receipt, and has completed waiting the required 14 days, they can then complete an Agreement Request Form, through the use of your second provided link. At this time, you and your Spadea Lignana team will be emailed with a notification from DocuSign. Once the agreement request form is received, you should send any other specifics about the candidate that needs to be added to their franchise agreement. Once all the information is complete and correct, your legal team will draft the personalized franchise agreement, upload it to DocuSign and send to the candidate to sign.

After the candidate signs the agreement, it will be sent for review/signatures to the franchisor. A franchisee should submit payment with the signatures and the franchisor should not countersign until funds are received. The final step after the franchisor submits final signatures, your legal team will do a final review and outreach to ensure that the franchisor received the funds to then be able to release the signed documents to all parties.