$100 Initial
$100 Renewal*
$0 Amendments**

*Renewal filings must be submitted before the expiration date every two years.

**South Carolina does not require the submission of amendment filings.


  • South Carolina requires payment of the filing fee via check made payable to “Secretary of State”.
  • South Carolina requires the registered agent for service of process for the franchisor be based in South Carolina. In most states, the Securities Commissioner or the Secretary of State will fulfill this role, but South Carolina does not allow for that.  You will have to secure your own registered agent in South Carolina.  We will provide you with a friend of the firm to help you with this process.
  • The South Carolina application is not required to be notarized, but the information for the registered agent must be included on it, so we recommend you secure one before we send you the application for completion.
  • The state requires the submission of the current FDD along with audited financials, but they do not conduct a full review, and filings are usually approved within a month.
  • When approved by the state, South Carolina will assign a registration number that must appear on all advertising used in promoting the franchise in South Carolina.

Exemptions (from registration with the state and/or from disclosure with a specific prospect)

  • Federally Registered Trademark – exemption from registration only
    • You automatically qualify for this exemption as long as you have a registered trademark on the principal register of the USPTO
    • No filing or fees are required