$250 Initial
$250 Renewal*
$0 Amendments**

*Renewal filings must be submitted before the expiration date each year.

**North Carolina does not require the submission of amendment filings.


  • North Carolina requires payment of the filing fee via check made payable to “North Carolina Secretary of State”.
  • The application required to be submitted to North Carolina must be notarized.
  • If you are in your first year of franchising, North Carolina will accept unaudited financials with your initial filing. We are required to file the current FDD with the state, but they do not conduct a full review, and filings are usually approved within a month.

Exemptions (from registration with the state and/or from disclosure with a specific prospect)

  • Federally Registered Trademark – exemption from registration only
    • You automatically qualify for this exemption as long as you have a registered trademark on the principal register of the USPTO
    • No filing or fees are required
  • Responsible Sellers Exemptions – exemption from registration
    • The seller has either a net worth on a consolidated basis, according to its most recent audited financial statement of at least $5,000,000 or has obtained a surety bond from a surety company authorized to do business in North Carolina in an amount equal to or greater than the gross revenues received from the sale or lease of products, equipment, supplies or services in this State during the preceding 12-month period which enabled the purchaser to start a business
    • No filing or fees are required
  • Non-Franchisor Exemptions – The following exemptions are for atypical franchise offerings, are very rare, and in general, will not apply to you if you are an active franchisor with an FDD.
    • Consignment
    • Motor Carrier Transportation